Vine leaves

Make dolma, sarma and dolmades with vine leaves. Choose your filling and put together a delicious meal.

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Vine leaves complete the meal

Herbs and spices can complete a meal, but what ingredient makes it all come together? In Japanese cuisine, seaweed is used to make delicious sushi. In China, rice paper is very common while in South America they prepare delicious tortillas with cornmeal. Vine leaves fulfill this function not only in Turkish cuisine, vine leaves are also used in Greece, the Balkans, Caucasus, Russia, Iraq and Central Asia. In addition to a flavorful ingredient, they are also practical ‘wraps’ that add delicious flavor to many local specialties. The best vine leaves come from Erbaa, Tokat. This is an area in Turkey where all Mis Yaprak products come from. Depending on the country and preparation method, the dishes are called dolma, sarma or dolmades. 

How are these leaves used?

The leaves are edible and possess a unique flavor to suit a wide variety of dishes. They are packaged directly from the land and can be preserved both dry and in salt water. When you have fresh leaves, you must first blanch them in hot water. They act as a kind of wrapper to keep the filling in place and they are edible. This way you can prepare delicious snacks in 

convenient portions combined with a beautiful presentation. In a restaurant you will have to pay attention, because in Turkey dorma will be stuffed vegetables and sarma is a rolled up wine leaf with rice. In Greece they are called dolmadakia when it concerns stuffed vine leaves. Fortunately, they are always delicious! 

What can you prepare with vine leaves?

Dolma, sarma and dolmades are filled with all kinds of ingredients. This depends on both the origin and also the creativity of the cook. Dolma is the Turkish word for ‘filled’, how are you going to fill these vine leaves? Rice with onion and minced lamb is a traditional combination. Besides savory, sweet is also an option with rice, cinnamon, currants and pine nuts to name but a few options. In addition to the original ground beef version, there is also a vegetarian variation called yalanci dolma in Turkey, which stands for ‘fake’ or in a more literal sense ‘liar’. Meat, fish, vegetables and even fruit; it’s all possible with vine leaves.

Taste the traditional flavor

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